Smaller and more peaceful than its neighbour Mallorca, Menorca is the second biggest island of the Balearic archipelago. Menorca counts with a significant number of beaches, considered by many as amongst the most beautiful in all Mediterranean.
The south of the island is full of small white sand beaches, peaceful and crystal waters, from where you can enjoy beautiful sunset moments. By the northern costs, more abrupt in its nature, you can find calm and beautiful fishermen villages.
Menorca offers an exquisite gastronomy and architectural influences due to different cultures that have populated the island through its History. You can find here significant megalithic monuments with more than 3000 years as well as other historic legacies. In this island, declared by Unesco as Biosphere reserve, you can also enjoy nowadays sports activities, of which we highlight nautical sports and diving, golf and several horse riding and tracking circuits.  An infinite number of opportunities for unforgettable holidays at a pleasant rhythm, in full harmony with nature and enjoying the kindness of its people.